Monday, 31 August 2015


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Dr Mahathir says, “I’m here not because I support Bersih but because I support the people. We are not here because we hate Umno or BN. We just don’t want a prime minister like him (Najib Razak). No Arab would give that amount of money to anyone. It doesn’t make sense.

“He (Najib Razak) has dismantled the institutions of government by dismantling the task force (on 1MDB), sacking the AG and threatening the governor of Bank Negara. And he is also using the police to make people frightened of him. He has also dismantled the PAC (Public Accounts Committee) by offering them (some PAC members) jobs as minister and deputy minister. This is a kind of bribery.

“We must remove this prime minister. And to remove him, the people must show the people’s power. We cannot allow this man to abuse his position as prime minister. We should move a motion of no confidence in Parliament.

“I am aware that he has bribed all of Umno MPs, and the division heads and he has told me that cash is king. If you give money to people, they will support you.”

“As prime minister his income isn’t enough to bribe people so he has to get money from elsewhere. He creates 1MDB to borrow money and then the money disappears. And suddenly RM2.6 billion appears in his account. Not in Umno’s account but his account. He uses this money to bribe people.

“So we want to ask why he stopped the investigation on the RM2.6 billion. Where did this money come from? Don’t tell lies about Arabs giving RM2.6 billion. No Arab would give that kind of money to anybody. He creates a company without even the consent of his Cabinet. People have come across letters and documents that show he has abused his position by making use of the money.

“I am here today not because I’m a Bersih supporter but because I support all Malaysians.

“Hundreds of people have come to see me to please do something. They are cursing him. People as a whole do not want this kind of corrupt leader. But he has robbed us of the legal means to remove him. He has frustrated, emasculated and manipulated those who have tried the legal means of removing him. They cannot function. The people must object and demand that he be removed.

“We are not against Umno or BN. We are against Najib. I ask all Umno members of Parliament and heads of divisions to reject Najib. Don’t be influenced by money. You are selling your soul, your country and your ‘bangsa’.

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