Thursday, 27 August 2015


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Earlier today, I saw one of our staff nurses (SN) crying at the nurse counter. She made no attempt to hide it so it was only natural to ask her

"Hey, what happened?"

SN: Doctor, how can I not be sad. Do you want to know what did the patient say to me just now? When I was 'sponging' (bathing) her?

Me: mmmm?

SN: How will I ever find all of you on Judgement Day? It will be so difficult when everyone will be there and I will have to find you to say my thanks to you for taking care of me. I fear that I won't be able to find each one of you whom have helped me today.

("Macam mana Wan nak cari misi-misi semua nanti di Padang Mahsyar nak cakap terima kasih? Ramai orang nanti, Wan takut tak jumpa")

*She fondly calls herself Wan (Grandma in loghat Negeri Sembilan)

Me: (stared very hard at the case notes, trying not to cry and at the same time keeping quiet because my heart felt so heavy and there's this choking sensation, OK, will review her last to talk to her longer)

SN: How can I not cry doctor? Tell me..

Me: mmmm. Where are her 6 children?

SN: Busy working doctor.

Sighs. She is happy though, and is keen to return to the RM200/month old folks home ('pondok orang tua' as she calls it) to meet her friends. She used to raise her 6 children alone after her husband passed away and now none of them can stay by her side while she is ill.

A reminder for all of us, to please always take care of our parents.


Gambar selingan: Seorang jururawat yang pernah saya bertugas bersamanya, sedang mensyampukan rambut seorang pesakit.

Mensyampukan rambut pesakit, bukan tugas hakiki seorang jururawat. Tetapi kalau beliau tidak melakukannya, siapa lagi?

Tanyalah diri kita sendiri yang mempunyai ibubapa yang tua dan uzur di kampung, bila kali terakhir kita mensyampukan rambut ibu ayah kita? - Doktor Nadia Rahim

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